New top story on Hacker News: Ask HN: How do you deal with Piracy?

Ask HN: How do you deal with Piracy?
4 by ttoinou | 0 comments on Hacker News.
Hi, I’m selling a software and cracks are given in forums on the internet. The thing is, theses users don’t come to my product page for getting updates for example, so I think it’s a loss for me because I can’t reach them and talk to them. I feel like I won’t ever be able to convert them to paying customers. I’m wondering what I can do about it. Could I add a “I cracked your software, is it wrong ?” in the FAQ and try to not show it if I detect the software is not cracked ? What if I distribute the pirated version myself ? Wouldn’t that look weird to paying customers ? Should I add an infinitely renewable 15 days trial instead of a limited features trial ? Do you know of projects that went open source / free software and how they handled it ? Thanks !


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