New on 500px : Little Yuna and little Nio by horazio by horazio

I’m so grateful. Yesterday our 4th child Nio came to this world. We love him already as if he’d been here forever and we are so lucky the little man is healthy. That’s absolutely not to be taken for granted. Every birth is a matter of life and dead… somehow. Nio had to struggle 24h hours after the water breaking till a wonderful team of midwifes and doctors helped him out and laid him safely in our arms. A c-section was necessary after little Nio made the bad decision to enter the birth channel with his face straight ahead. He got stuck. The poor guy was looking like having boxed against Mohammed Ali for at least 20 rounds right after the delivery. But finally everything is perfect (okay a little photoshop was needed) and I hope Judith will recover quickly from birth and intrusion. Yes… I’m really lucky and grateful. Thank you Judith for being so strong. Thank you fate for being so kind to us and thank you midwifes and doctors of the KSW for the wonderful support!

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